Operational Excellence brings the expectation of customer satisfaction to the top!

Knowing that sustainable progress and development require operational excellence, Yorglass performs all of its works in this direction.

Yorglass, who works for continuous development in all business processes with a passion for achieving excellence, aims to provide superior customer experience in line with the principle of continuous improvement and development while continuing its path successfully without deviating from its main goals, values and vision.

Aiming to apply the ”operational excellence” model with great precision, diligence and professionalism in every process from the production stage to the transportation of the product to the final consumer, Yorglass continuously improves its processes with an innovative perspective of privileged service and takes responsibility for reinforcing a sustainable future perspective.

Lean Production Concept

Yorglass has been offering expert solution partnership to all sectors touched by its ‘One Product – One Factory’ approach since its establishment, continues its activities with the latest technology, online monitoring and single flow production lines at its plants in Bolu, Gebze, Eskisehir and Manisa and its commercial plant in Izmir.

Yorglass, which makes its name known with its privileged service approach in accordance with international quality standards on the basis of lean production concept, is the biggest success of Yorglass which is strengthened and continued customer loyalty since its establishment.

High Quality Management

Yorglass has become a leader in its industry with its support for quality and continuous improvement.

Among the priorities of Yorglass;

  • Modern management systems,
  • Latest technology hardwares and softwares
  • Investments in staff education systems ,
  • Creation and application of quality systems

In the production process to ensure maximum business efficiency, working quickly and efficiently to meet the needs and expectations of the customers with focus Yorglass's quality management system, high-efficiency of is to ensure continuous improvement.

Quality standards with its dynamic structure that adapts the world's production, is nationally and internationally valid certificates.