Satin Glass

Yorglass supply satin glasses for stairs and balcony balustrades, kitchen doors, shower cabins or spandrel glass for privacy and elegant look. The Satin Product Range of Yorglass is expanded in 3 groups as Yormat, Yorlux and Crystallux. They characterize according to privacy needs, light transmission, and place of application. However, they all have common points such as their consistent finish and appearance. All of Yorglass production is 100% etched, no empty margins on the sheet and each sheet is controlled visually and technically before shipment. 
The Satin Product Range of Yorglass keep no fingerprint and give a silky touch feeling as a result of the acid etching process applied. They will not degrade, nor wear, does not pickle or discolor, and will not change over time. Due to the high quality and fresh glass substrate any process such as cutting, polishing, or beveling, bending, lamination and tempering can be applied easily. 
According to project and customers specifications, all customers may choose from variety of substrate glass or mirror such as Grey, Bronze, Green etc. substrate for their projects.