Yorglass Has Taken its Place Amongst Turkey’s Export Champions

Yorglass Has Taken its Place Amongst Turkey’s Export Champions

TIM’s (Turkey Exporters Assembly) “First 1,000 Export Companies” for 2018 research results have been announced. One of the most prominent actors in Turkey's glass industry for 45 years, Yorglass moved up 76 places and settled in 502nd place in TIM’s list since the previous year. Rising up on the list among champions with exports over 40 million dollars in the year 2018, Yorglass ranks at 2nd place in the industrial list.

According to the TIM “Turkeys First 1,000 Exporters 2018” study, Yorglass demonstrated a remarkable climb in comparison to 2017. Increasing its exports by 25% with over 40 million dollars in exports in 2018, the company rose up 76 places amongst the champions in exports in comparison to 2017 and settled in 502nd place. Yorglass ranked 2nd in the glass sector.

Yorglass increased its exports by 25% in one year.

As Yorglass, exporters from more than 60 countries in 5 continents and Yorglass CEO’su Semavi Yorgancılar, "Half a century as a company that is close to production in Turkey, to increase our export performance is always among our priorities. Our customer-oriented understanding of production, our ability to produce sustainable and innovative solutions bring us success. As Yorglass, we realized 40 million 334 thousand dollars export in 2018 and increased our export rate by 24.6 percent compared to the previous year. ”

Semavi Yorgancılar, Seeing such an incredibly rewarding outcome of our efforts and hard work is very valuable for us. We aim to further expand our export network and contribute even more to our national economy in the year 2019.”