The only trail in nature; radiance…

The only trail in nature; radiance…

After renewing their product lines in 2008, Yorglass focused on zero pollution targets, long, dedicated to the R & D process that was developed after the treatment plant is commissioned.

Liquid, solid and gas phase “zero pollution” with the principle of the treatment plant working with Yorglass which is a first in Turkey and in the world, organized by the Aegean Region Chamber of industry in 2010. EBSO environmental awards, Environmental (Gold) has been proud to win the award.

Environmentally compatible production and development shaping the sector carrying out work with Yorglass, decor and even among manufacturing firms in Turkey and in the world of micro mat ‘carbon footprint’ was the first company to receive the document.

Eco-friendly Yorglass

Eco-friendly Yorglass

In its 45th year in the industry, Yorglass strengthens its leading role, continues to make a difference with his work in the field of environmental sustainability.

In September, 2018 governor of Bolu, Bolu Municipality with the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, organised by the ‘eco-friendly Project” Yorglass successfully completed the checks that are performed within the scope of ‘eco-friendly company was awarded the certificate.

As a pioneer in the industry, Yorglass conducts environmentally friendly production and development activities and maintains its reputation as a respected company in terms of environment, occupational health and safety.

Nature is our inspiration we care about…

Yorglass with the motto ‘giving in to our nature what we take from nature, we are working for future generations’ is performing afforestation activity regularly every year.