About Yorglass Home Appliances

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About Yorglass Home Appliances

Yorglass started to serve in the home appliances industry in 1989 for the first time and produces for the global leaders of the industry.
Yorglass Home Appliances, serving in three different cities with a total of more than 600 employees, produces cooking panel glasses, hobtops, oven front door glasses, oven inner door glasses, glass panel gas water heater in Bolu and Çerkezköy plant while refrigerator shelf glass are produced in Eskişehir plant. 
Yorglass Home Appliances makes a difference in the industry with its high technology production lines and privileged service approach. 

Pioneering Technology in Glass Processing 

Yorglass Home Appliances, each of them is focused on its own product group in its Eskişehir and Bolu plants, provides privileged service to every industry it touches with its high technology production lines and its expert team.

  • Focused Production: Yorglass Home Appliances plants consist of high technology production lines, each of plants is specially designed for its own product group.
  • Expert Staff: Through its focused production and employee development system, it trains experts of its field who can offer all technical support and development activities to its customers.
  • Lean Production: Single flow, online monitored and controlled, untouched production, designed according to Industry 4.0 basis production lines
  • Privileged Service Approach: Our priority is always to make a difference in customer satisfaction.
  • Innovation: Yorglass follows its customers and industry trends and leads innovations.