About Yorglass Food Displays

About Yorglass Food Displays

Your reliable partner for door and glass solutions

When it comes to commercial refrigerators, the most active part is undoubtedly “GLASS” with its features of decreasing energy consumption and revealing light.

No matter how well and differently designed fridges are and no matter how successfully they affect brands’ image and perceptions inside customers’ minds, when glass combination is wrong, results will be disappointing. There will be negative effects such as condensation on surface of the glass and products displayed will not be stately, resulting in not meeting expected performance.

Yorglass, with its production quality meeting international standards and meticulousness that lean production perceptive brings, provides door and glass solutions whose usage vary from ice cream cabinets, butcher shops, bottle coolers, deep freezers to exclusively designed pastry display cabinets.

Yorglass Food Displays unearths you with high-tech products saving your energy, image, brand and customers. From 2 plants located in Gebze and Manisa, it serves to more than 30 countries in 5 continents.